I just made this Baden Powel Yemanja Remix, with a friend of mine called De Las Esferas, he is a great musician, and we made this remix to honor Baden Powel and the Ocean Goddess that cleans the soul, the song has beats and organic rhythms , its a bit downtempo but also deep house, you can dance with it or you can chill with it, or you an meditate

Relaxing music is Scientifically Proven Relaxing music is more than sounds intended to be stress-reducing. What makes relaxing music a gift to the world is that it has direct intervention in our body’s chemistry. Therefore, these sounds will help the brain release a certain kind of substances and hormones that will have a direct effect in our daily lives. The scientific community has been researching the influence of music in

Relaxing music is been around for quite some time. It is crafted to set our minds and bodies in a proper, well-being state of mind/body. During it, we can achieve our great individual potential as human beings. It plays an important role to establish the conditions in which both of our brain hemispheres are synchronized. This helps to produce all the necessary hormones and chemicals that will play a vital

You do not need a lot of gear, vsts, hardware, you do not need a super studio, you can make great sounding music with this, everything else is just a luxury, to start making professional electronic music you only need this gear: 1- Computer 2- A Proper DAW (Ableton Live, Fruit Loops, Logic, Pro Tools, Cubase, Reaper, Reason etc.) 3- Monitor Headphones ( I recommend Audio Technica ATH-M 50) 4-


Aug 2017

Ganesh Strota

  Here is a new video and a techno ethnic deep song I just made, If you like it share it please.

what should you do? you love making music, you want to become famous, but you do not know where to start. On my opinion, the most important thing that you should do, is to learn to finish a song. I know many producers who know a lot about music theory, a lot about sound design, mixing, recording, they have mastered a DAW, but everyone wants to make a perfect song

Thank you Christophe Prehu for the logo design of LamatUuc, you are a great friend and artist, always paying attention to every detail and being very passionate about your craft. If anyone wants a great logo you can contact this great graphic designer: christophepm.tumblr.com

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