what should you do? you love making music, you want to become famous, but you do not know where to start.

On my opinion, the most important thing that you should do, is to learn to finish a song.

I know many producers who know a lot about music theory, a lot about sound design, mixing, recording, they have mastered a DAW, but everyone wants to make a perfect song that will make them famous (I have done that mistake).

The thing is, that you will never make a great song if you have not finished a lot of songs, you should learn to finish a song, you should learn arrangement from day 1, and do not fall in the mistake of trying to make 1 perfect song, if the song is not perfect it does not matter, it is just one song, and it is helping you to become a real producer, because it does not matter if you have a lot of skills (DAW, Synthesis, you do not use presets, recording, theory, etc.)  if you do not know how to make a great song, it will never be a great song.

What is a great song? well that is subjective, everyone has a different taste, but there will always be one person in the world that will love your song, but you will never know if it is a good song or not if you do not finish it and share it.

So quit being a perfectionist and start making many songs, learn how to arrange properly and how to make a proper hook, learn what works and what doesn’t, learn where are your listeners, maybe no one likes your music on your home town but maybe a lot of people in another country likes your music… you will never know if you do not get your music out there.

The music Industry game has changed (Graham Cochrane did a great post on this topic, his blog is awesome), in the 60s everyone wanted to make the perfect album so that they would be recruited by a super label and then become famous; but with Internet the rules of the game have changed, now you can market yourself and be heard all around the globe, and in 2017 there is so much of everything (people, art, media, music, entertainment etc.) that people just get distracted very fast, so a better strategy is to learn to make music fast (have a quick workflow) , it should be good quality music of course, but you do not need the song to be perfect, what you need is to be making a lot of songs and do what you can for it to be heard (to learn a bit about internet marketing might be a good idea), with time and some patience you will start making great songs.

After you learn to properly arrange a good song, you can learn everything else: sound design, mixing, music theory, to play an instrument, recording, acoustics, etc.

If someone wants to start making electronic music, and does not know where to start, I would recommend this tips and strategy:

1- Buy a computer, proper headphones, and choose a DAW (I recommend Ableton Live for electronic music)

2- Learn  the basics of your DAW

3- Start arranging a song from day one, do not spend more than 5 days on a song, it must be finished in 5 days.

4- Use presets and samples, you do not need to know about sound design in the beginning.

5- Only use the native plugins from your DAW or one VST extra at the most.

6- Buy a sound interface and studio monitors.

7- Have a bit of acoustic treatment in your room.

8- After you are arranging a lot of great music, you can learn everything else, and find your own sound.

9- If you want to spend some money spend it on marketing then spend it on gear.

10- Keep improving and learning all your life.




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    04 12 2018

    Thank you very much, I have been guilty of this for over 30 years. I am taking your advice to heart and will start just focusing on making tracks and practicing arrangements without even worrying about sound design at all in the beginning. Just making and releasing. Thank you!

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      29 04 2019

      that is great to hear! good luck with that! you will get fast improvements you will see

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