Mar 2020

Tz’onot EP

Inspired by the sound of shamanic house that appeared  in Tulum Mexico, but trying to really keep the Mayan roots  characterized by ancient flutes, rhythmic sounds of stones and wood and of course the sound of mother Earth, with a bit of acid like sound and structure inspired by the great music producer from Germany, Acid Pauli; led to the creation of this EP released on the underground Mexican shamanic

I’m so happy to have released this song I made in collaboration with a great friend of mine, Thomaz (Mex)  from The Soul Brothers, I have loved this label since I was a kid, and now the song has over 90,000 plays! The sound is deep house, with organic sounds, with a mix of world music, it could also be a bit of chill out. If you like it, follow

  Enjoy the sounds of Tulum underground deep house with this spotify playlist, it includes music by labels like Sol Selectas and All day I dream, with songs from great artists like Hraach, Nicola Cruz, Bedouin, Geju, Dandara, LUM, Pablo Bolivar, Zone+, Armen Miran, doubtingthomas and many others. There is almost always a touch of mysticism confined with a groovy rhythm.    


Ago 2017

Ganesh Strota

  Here is a new video and a techno ethnic deep song I just made, If you like it share it please.

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