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Electronic and meditation music

Sound Healing Electronic Music

Music to develop awareness

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The goal is to be here and now through sound and music

relaxation music

What we enjoy from music is the experience we get, that experience allows us to be mindful, only hearing the beauty of sound, without any thoughts and distractions, if we allow it…

With music I like to explore what is given to me when my mind is shut down and I’m just creating, without thinking, just letting creativity flow; also to bring the listener and dancer into a trance and connected state of psychedelic and surrealistic relaxation.


Here are two paths of electronic music:


  • One trying to explore spiritual electronic music through deep house organic and tribal sounds, in order to get to a deep state of trance and dance and presence. To hear the evolution, follow me on spotify


  • And the other path will lead to the ambient relaxing meditation music, where you will receive healing frequencies, electro acoustic experimentation, calming melodies, sounds from mother earth, all together to make a surrealistic experience that allows you to explore your mind, resonate with healing frequencies and to get in a state of presence.

Sound healing

Relaxing music, meditation and ambient surrealism.


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Learn something about healing music.

The sound surrounds you and takes you through a story that will show you your subconscious mind. It does not always shows us something nice, however, to know what is in the depths of your mind and your being, allows you to generate awareness, to grow you have to leave the comfort. Once you get out of comfort, you heal, and that evil never comes back.

The ambient music, created with modern technology and cosmically tuned with nature and Mother Earth, using the knowledge from ancient cultures of Asia, by keeping the teachings of Confucius. China and India had sacred music based on the tones of nature, a custom that has been lost and in the West is almost unused.

The healing frequencies based on the frequencies of movement of the planets and the natural cycles of the earth, they are at all times harmonizing you, so that you enter into resonance with the Earth and the planets, these frequencies also come into resonance with the chakras, the chakra that resonates will be depending on the frequency that is used.

The sacred sequence of Fibonacci is used to fractalize the sound, that allows you to enter into harmony with the creation, in a universal state, everything in nature contains it, everything grows in forms of fractals and spirals.

Merging knowledge of ancient harmony and modern physics, we discovered frequencies that resonate with your cells and the proteins found in the body, DNA and RNA have proteins, these frequencies with constant use are gradually harmonizing and therefore cleaning, increasing peace and awareness.

In alchemy it is said that the macro cosmos is a reflection of the micro cosmos, the vibrations that come from outside will continue to resonate inside.

When these frequencies are perceived, the whole body resonates in unity.

The more you allow this energy to flow into you freely, the more your body may resonate and reach ecstasy.

A sound surrealism experience where art, science and consciousness unite.

Electronic Music

Organic sounds, world music and deep synths.


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Deep tribal organic house, electronic, minimal, dub tech, downtempo and world music united to make a psychedelic experience, inspired by ancient cultures and advanced ancient civilizations, always experimenting a bit, focused on making you dance and trip.

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