I just made this Baden Powel Yemanja Remix, with a friend of mine called De Las Esferas, he is a great musician, and we made this remix to honor Baden Powel and the Ocean Goddess that cleans the soul, the song has beats and organic rhythms , its a bit downtempo but also deep house, you can dance with it or you can chill with it, or you an meditate


Ago 2017

Ganesh Strota

  Here is a new video and a techno ethnic deep song I just made, If you like it share it please.

Thank you Christophe Prehu for the logo design of LamatUuc, you are a great friend and artist, always paying attention to every detail and being very passionate about your craft. If anyone wants a great logo you can contact this great graphic designer: christophepm.tumblr.com

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